Different types of fire hoses and their functions

Fire hoses have been around for centuries and have played an important role in helping people fight off fires, save lives and reduce the damage that uncontrolled blazes cause. Since their advent in the 17th century, they have only improved over time.

Today, there are several types of fire hoses available to firefighters as well as businesses that need reliable fire safety measures in their buildings. This blog will look at 3 different types of fire hoses and their uses. But first we need to answer this question:

Why are fire hoses so important?

As with other kinds of fire safety equipment, fire hoses are an important tool to have in your building, as well as essential tools for firefighters when combatting infernos. For businesses, fire hose reels are convenient and effective pieces of equipment. We spoke about them in depth in a previous blog post, check it out here.

Fire hoses are the vessels that deliver water and other fire retardants into active flames. They’re made using strong fabrics and materials to ensure that fire retardants are properly and voluminously delivered to uncontrolled fires. Different fire hoses have different functions, take a look!

3 Typesof fire hoses

Suction hose

Flexible suction hoses are designed to be used in situations where drafting is needed. Drafting is the process in which static water, such as in pools and lakes, is sucked from their environment and onto a fire.

They can also be used on a fire engine that has its own portable water supply and is built to withstand vacuums as wells pressure abrasion and heat. This is important as it allows the hoses to suck and spray large amounts of at a time from both pressurised and unpressurised sources.

Attack hose

Attack hoses are the main hoses used on fire engines. They are high pressured hoses that carry water and other fire retardants such as foam and CO2 to extinguish fires. These hoses are highly versatile and can be used on fire engines, fire hydrants (as individual units) as well as in buildings in mountable fire hose reels. They’re designed to deliver water at pressures as high as 2,760 kPa and can last for about 3-5 years.

Supply (and relay) hose

These are flexible large-diameter hoses that are designed to deliver water from distant fire hydrants to a fire engine’s pump . They can also be used to relay water from one fire pump to another over a long distance. These handy hoses are designed to operate across longer distances unlike the shorter but more resistant attack hoses, such as in areas that are bereft of fire hoses or static water supplies.

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