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The risks of fire spread along combustible substrates is of particular concern especially where cables and plastic pipes are involved. Insulation and jacketing of electrical cables consists of PVC polyvinyl chloride, PE polyethylene, PP Polypropylene and Synthetic rubber.

These plastics are combustible, thus propagation of fire generated by electrical overload, short circuit or external sources (molten metal) especially when cables are laid in bundles. To prevent a fire outbreak, protective coatings are administered; such as KBS coating and pyro safe WB.

At Maritime Fire, we are specialists in cable coatings

  • Cable Coating

    Cable Coatings

    Cable Coating protects electrical cables through ablation as opposed to insulation. Energy is consumed or generated to change a material from one condition or state to another.

    Water Based Ablative Cable Coating for the fire protection of electrical cables up to 90 minutes.

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