The benefits of using foam fire extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers, more accurately referred to as AFFF extinguishers, are fire extinguishers that use an aqueous foam to extinguish fires. These fire extinguishers, although they are not as commonly used as dry chemical fire extinguishers, are a great form of fire fighting equipment with many benefits. Read about the benefits of foam fire extinguishers below:


Lasting effects

Foam fire extinguishers are useful due to the lasting effect of the extinguishant. The foam that is used to put out the fire can effectively put out the fire as it creates a barrier that is present long enough to remove the risk of any sparks reigniting the flame.


Removal of components

There are three components involved in the creation of a fire: oxygen, heat and fuel. Most fire extinguishers will remove at least one of these components in order to put out a fire. In most cases, the foam fire extinguisher will remove the oxygen element from the fire; however, with class A fires these fire extinguishers can effectively stop the fire by removing the oxygen and heat elements with the use of cooling foam.



When certain fire extinguishers release their fire fighting agent, the agent spreads beyond the fire, creating a smokescreen-like effect, makingit difficult for individuals to see if they have put out the fire. Foam fire extinguishers do not have this problem as the foam sinks to the floor, rather than staying airborne.


Environmentally friendly

Foam fire extinguishers are said to be the most environmentally friendly option. The foam within the extinguisher is made of non-toxic materials that will not be harmful to the operator and there is no risk of pollution due to airborne particles. The foam also breaks down quickly.

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